Farmer’s Markets

Dodgeville Farmers Market – 8:00 – 11:00am every Saturday morning through October at United Methodist Church Parking Lot downtown

Mineral Point Market – Saturdays 8:30 – 11:00am May – October at Water Tower Park, Business Hwy 151

Spring Green Farmers Market – Saturdays May 18 to October 19, 2013, 8 am-Noon. Jefferson Plaza lot, across from the Post House Garden


Canyon Park Topo Map

Just to the left of “1133” is where the driveway turns left off Canyon Park Road. The Canyon is shown in green, as it angles from the center of the map to the upper right corner (North East).


As you drive down the driveway to the Cabin, you will drop 83 feet from the top of the ridge. Then observe the level area that is the top of the bluffs all around canyon is at 1050 feet above sea level. This is where the cabin stands, and then the bottom flood plain level of the canyon is 950 feet above sea level. The bluffs drop 100 feet all along the sides of the canyon.

Aerial Photo of the Canyon Park driveway. And the cabin.

 driveway   driveway2

Great Produce at a local farm!

During strawberry season we had guests that commented on what a great time the family had at the farm “over near Barneveld”. They had little kids and I bet they had fun picking and eating berries out in the sunshine. Just down the road you’ll find the Bures Berry Patch, sounds like a good plan.

There are lots of interesting things to do in the area.

The Campbells always find interesting things to do when they visit Canyon Park and they get some great photograghs! This past spring they traveled around the area and a bit more afield. They vistited the Crane Foundation, the Hyde Mill, Yellowstone Lake State Park, the Natural Bridge. They also look down Canyon Park Road (towards Cty. YZ) on the way to all of these special attractions. 

CPC Wisc 2009 ICF Baraboo

CPC Wisc 2009 Millstones Hyde Mill CPC Wisc 2009 Shooting Star Yellowstone Lake CPC Wisc 2009 State Park Nat Arch

CPC Wisc 2009 The Road In

Bicycles in Iowa County, Wisconsin

The Military Ridge Bike Trail crosses Canyon Park Road about 4 miles east of Dodgeville. It’s about a half mile (up and down a good sized hill) from the cabin. You can see it here in the Google Satellite Image. And Google Maps show it as the railroad track, it’s former use.

Military Ridge Bike Trail Wisconsin DNR Map, pdf, and the DNR webpage.

In addition to the Military Ridge Trail, Road Biking is popular and rewarding. The area is mentioned in Espn’s Top Ten

There are also competitions that are challenging. These roads races test the mettle of any biker. The Horribly Hilly Hundreds begins in Mt. Horeb, about twenty minutes from Canyon Park.

The Dairyland Dare is another event and is held in Dodgeville with various timed lengths and challenge sets.

And the Bombay Bicycle Club hosts this event. Canyon Park is about 15 miles from Taliesin.

And there is a new site about biking in SW Wisconsin.